Automated Install for Nutanix MCS Plugin on XenDesktop Controller

Automated Install for Nutanix MCS Plugin on XenDesktop Controller

Automated Install for Nutanix MCS Plugin on XenDesktop Controller

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This is going to be a quick post but one that should help some of you “automation heads” out. I was recently rebuilding my lab and I decided to update the Nutanix MCS Driver for XenDesktop to the latest version. I used the existing script that I had to run the install but then my Citrix XenDesktop Site configuration script started to fail.

Wait – what – nothing changed except the version of the MCS Plugin.

I started to look into it a little and noticed that I now had the Nutanix PVS Plugin Drivers installed and not the MCS ones.

The Issue

Last time I built my lab the MCS Plugin I was using was this version (old I know but hey!) so something has obviously changed between that and the latest version.

Looking at the old version of the MSI using Orca you can see that the property table is fairly simple and it will install the MCS option by default.

The version I wanted to install was, so lets have a look at that msi and see whats changed.

As you can see there are quite a few more options available in there and 2 of the key ones are:


So, this gives us a clue as to whats changed.

Originally the plugin only installed the MCS plugin to the delivery controllers. The new plugin however, gives us the option to install the MCS Plugin for XenDesktop, the Citrix Cloud Plugin or the PVS Plugin.

It appears that the default for this is the PVS Plugin and the reason why my automated build started to fail once I upgraded the plugin. It was installing the PVS Plugin by default and the MCS Plugin was never registered. Therefore my XenDesktop Site Configuration Script could not add the hosting connection back to AHV.

The Solution

I played about with the public parameters for quite some time as well as consulted with the other NTC folk on slack and eventually did a manual install logging all the commands out to a text file.

Trawling through that I ended up stumbling upon the MSI Parameters that the manual installer was sending back to the package.

If you run the installer

msiexec.exe /i NutanixAHV_Citrix_Plugin.msi

and add the following parameters

ALLUSERS=1 ISCITRIXMCSINSTALL=""C:\Program Files\Common Files\Citrix\HCLPlugins\CitrixMachineCreation\v1.0.0.0\"" PLUGININSTALLPATH=""C:\Program Files\Common Files\Citrix\HCLPlugins\CitrixMachineCreation\v1.0.0.0\"" INSTALLFOLDER=""C:\Program Files\Common Files\Citrix\HCLPlugins\CitrixMachineCreation\v1.0.0.0\NutanixAcropolis\"" PVSINSTALLFOLDER=""C:\Program Files\Common Files\Citrix\HCLPlugins\CitrixMachineCreation\v1.0.0.0\NutanixAHV\"" REGISTERPLUGINSTOREPATH=""C:\Program Files\Common Files\Citrix\HCLPlugins\CitrixMachineCreation\v1.0.0.0\"" ADDLOCAL=F7_9_INSTALLFOLDER REMOVE=PVS_F7_14_INSTALLFOLDER,F7_9_CWA_INSTALLFOLDER /qn

This will install the MCS XenDesktop Plugin silently to your Delivery Controllers.

I have not played around with the PVS and Citrix Cloud ones….yet…but the options at the bottom give you an idea about how you can control whats being installed.


Hope this helps some of you out who are facing this same issue.



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