Building a Hybrid Cloud Using VMware

Building a Hybrid Cloud Using VMware

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I was given the task at work a month ago to build the developers a self service portal for their development back end infrastructure. I immediately thought ok, no worries – I will set up Citrix CloudStack for them. However the management at work said – “We are already using VMware for the server layer hypervisor therefore can you please use VMware for the cloud solution?” This was somewhat daunting at first but after some digging and sitting with the nice people at VMware I am happy to say that we now have a nice, working, self service portal for the Dev’s.

With that in mind I thought I would add the build process I have been through as well as some of the “Gotcha’s” I have found along the way. I want to state that I was used to using VMware ESXi at work on a day to day basis and that is going to be a pre-req for being able to do this build – after all vCloud director and all its components effectively sit on top of vSphere!!

The components I am going to run through for this build are:

  • vSphere Configuration
  • Storage Profiles
  • Distributed Switching
  • vCloud
  • vFabric
  • vCac

Initially I like to get the vSphere stuff all sorted out before starting the build so that will be part one of this article. My intention is to get it written over the next wee and hopefully it will be able to help out some of the other people out there that are in the same boat as me…



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