Free XenDesktop Monitoring Platform – Community Update 1

Free XenDesktop Monitoring Platform – Community Update 1

Free XenDesktop Monitoring Platform – Community Update 1

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WOW – This post of the reason that I love the Citrix Community! A few days ago I release the latest revision of my Free XenDesktop monitoring platform and the offers for help from the community to fix my bad PowerShell have been incredible!

I decided to put the source code on GitHub because (well – you just should) and also it allows multiple people to work on the project at the same time.  I must admit that this has been a bit of a learning curve but it is a really nice platform for sharing code.

Thank You !

First – big thanks to Ryan Butler for almost immediately fixing an issue there was with one of the output files.

This is where I got a little more into GitHub and had to learn how to merge things into the master “Branch” and all that goodness.

Also – another big thanks to Aaron Parker for putting out yet another merge request and sorting out my GitHub formatting (being a noob at this I didn’t realise how bad it was!)

Provisioning Services

Finally – and onto the main point of this post. A while ago I spoke to James Kindon / all the way down in Australia about the original version of this platform that I had out a while back (He wrote the Controller checks!).  When I put out version 2 we fired up that conversation again and he wanted to get stuck into writing some more modules and I have literally just committed the Provisioning Services module to the master branch.

Here is what it looks like

There is some more options in the master JSON file to fill out for PVS and the script will handle the rest for you.

Once you fill this out and your PVS estate is all working you will get the new donut in your infrastructure panel


Moving on, here are some other enhancements that are in this release.

NetScaler Gateway

The platform will now check your remote users and display the number of current ICA connections as well as the number of VPN users connecting through your NetScaler Gateway

Last Run Time and Formatting

The messages panel can now be customised using the css file and will also display the last run time for the script.  This will help to ensure that the script is functioning as expected.

How Do I Get It

This is the easy part.  Just drop me an e-mail on and I will send you the link for the code.

Why do I ask for your e-mail – this is NOT so that I can spam you with e-mails.  I have a master list of users that are using this platform around the world and when we put out a new release I will drop you an e-mail and let you that there is a new function available and provide details about how to get it up and running.

Whats Next

We are currently working on the following

  • Citrix Workspace Environment Management
  • Citrix Federated Authentication
  • Citrix Universal Print Server
  • Security Update Checking – Will show what Security Updates you are missing

That’s it for now – have a great day!


4 thoughts on “Free XenDesktop Monitoring Platform – Community Update 1

  1. Roger Britten

    Great work so far Dave. Seems to fail when using 443 as port and https to Director. storeFront, and NetScaler NSIP & SNIP.

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  3. rajneesh kumar

    Hi All,

    thanks for the script but i have one issue i am able to run the script with little issue but when i trying to click on the circle to view details it does not show anything.

    Any help on this…

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