How To Build a Citrix NetScaler 10.5 VPX in the Amazon AWS Cloud

How To Build a Citrix NetScaler 10.5 VPX in the Amazon AWS Cloud

How To Build a Citrix NetScaler 10.5 VPX in the Amazon AWS Cloud

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In this post I will walk you through building and configuring a Citrix NetScaler VPX appliance in the Amazon AWS Cloud.  Once the device is up and running you can configure load balancing, NetScaler Gateway or a host of other services to be delivered from the Cloud to you On Premises or other cloud based applications.

The first thing you will need to do is locate the Amazon AMI that you want to use for your NetScaler.  To do this go to the following URL ( and search the AWS Marketplace for Citrix NetScaler.  As you will see below there are a number of different options available for you to choose, please ensure that you select the right one as the throughput and customer experience will be directly effected by the decision you make here.

NOTE: Before provisioning your NetScaler ensure that you have a functioning VPC set up in the AWS Cloud as you will be asked to provide details of this during the build process.


For this example I am going to use “NetScaler VPX Platinum Edition – 10 Mbps Free Trial”.  Click on the link and you will then be asked to configure the NetScaler prior to launching the build process.


First thing you should do is select the region that you want to use, this will effect the cost of the appliance!  Then click on Continue.

Select the “1-Click Launch” tab, select the pricing you wish to use and select Accept Terms.  This will enable you to launch the appliance.

You will then have to select the Software Pricing you wish to use and the Version you wish to deploy (I will use,  Then select the Region you want to put the appliance in and click the “Set up” button to configure the VPC Settings.


Select the VPC you want to use to the appliance (this should have been configured on your AWS Account prior to starting the NetScaler Build) then configure the management interface and take note of the Security Group that will be created for you.

NOTE: Normally you would restrict the source IP Addresses for management to a list of your know management addresses but for this example I will allow all (



Then select the Private and Public subnets you wish to use from your existing VPC.

NOTE: These will have to be unique and not the same as the management interface or each other.


Click on “Done” to save these settings.

If you have a keypair set up already for the region then you can use that for this instance.  In this example I do not have one created already so I will walk through creating one now.  Click on “Create New Keypair”

Click Create Keypair and give it a name.  Then click OK.  The KeyPair will be created for you and you will have a file called KeypairName.pem downloaded for you.  Keep this file in a safe place! you will need it in the future.

You can then select the Keypair from the dropdown list and you are ready to go!  Scroll to the top and click “Launch with 1-Click” and you should a prompt telling you that an instance is being deployed in EC2.


You can now switch back to your EC2 console for the region you deployed the NetScaler in and wait for the instance to be deployed.  You will see the below screen once the instance is ready.


Take a note of the network interface ID for your management interface as you will need to assign a Public Elastic IP Address to this to be able to connecto to the management interface (This is only the case if you do not have a VPN into your VPC)

Click on Elastic IP’s on the left and click the blue Allocate New Address button.  Then associate that address with the Citrix NetScaler Management Interface you have deployed.

Your NetScaler will now be accessible and ready to configure.  You can connect to it using the elastic IP Address you assigned to the network interface and using the username and password nsroot/and the AWS instanse ID (This is what the default password is set to during the install process).



I will be posting on setting up NetScaler Gateway and Load Balancers in AWS but this will get you to the point of having a working NetScaler in the Amazon AWS Cloud


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