How to Sequence SQL 2005 Management Studio on Microsoft App-V

How to Sequence SQL 2005 Management Studio on Microsoft App-V

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I have been trying to App-V Microsoft SQL Management Studio 2005 for a while now and have finally got it to work.  I thought I would share the steps I took on here to hopefully help out others who are in the same situation.

One point – when searching for hotfix 944478 you may have to contact Microsoft to get a copy of the fix.  To avoid this google the following file name: VS80sp1-KB944478-X86-ENU.exe and you should see a link to hotfix sharing sites that you will be able to get the file from.

So, the steps…

  • Sequencing Machine must be Windows XP
  • Install Dot Net v2
  • Install c++ Redist 2005 and 2008
  • Start a new sequence and select Custom as the type
  • Setup the relevant Q Drive Install Folder
  • Install Microsoft SQLServerBC 2005 and Microsoft SQLServerNativeClient 9.00
  • Run SQL 2005 installer and change installpath to Q:\ Drive
  • Install SQL2005 SP2
  • Install Visual Studio 2005 Service Pack 1 (VS80sp1-KB926601-X86-ENU.exe)
  • Install hotfix 944478 (VS80sp1-KB944478-X86-ENU.exe)
  • Download and extract dll from hotfix 945347. Copy VKeyPackage.dll to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8 and use regsvr32 to regester this dll
  • Finished and click next.
  • Continue, do not start any applications yet!
  • Edit the ODS Shortcuts if you need to.
  • Continue, run all application for feature block 1 except “SQL Server Business Intelegeance Development Studio”, “SQL Server Management Studio”and “Visual Studio 2005”.
  • Finish sequence, on deployment tab uncheck “enforce security descriptors”.
  • set service to automatic.
  • Save.

Thats is – this should give you a working SQL 2005 Management Studio package.


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