Integrating App-V 5 and XenDesktop 7

Integrating App-V 5 and XenDesktop 7

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Ran into a small problem this morning in that when I was adding the App-V publishing server to the Citrix XenDesktop 7 Studio it was bombing out with an error “The App-V Management Server is not valid”.

When looking into the error it stated that Powershell Remoting was not enabled on the target server.

Not you do need the Citrix Studio Administrator to be an App-V Admin but if this is your error then there is an easy fix.

Open powershell on the App-V Management Server as an Administrator

Enter: get-service winrm

You should get a Running Response.  If you don’t then install the service.

Enter: Enable-PSRemoting –force

Then try and re-add the server to the XenDesktop 7 console.


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