NetScaler 10.5 Client Choices Edit, How-To…

NetScaler 10.5 Client Choices Edit, How-To…

NetScaler 10.5 Client Choices Edit, How-To…

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Client Choices

Client Choices

Some people just want ICA only access for their users via their NetScalers and thats great and pretty simple to do, however if you want ICA and Full VPN then you have to enable client choices to allow the user to choose the type of access they want.  Again this is pretty simple to achieve however, it will also enable ClientLess access as a choice for the user.  What if you don’t want this as an option.

Its pretty easy to remove leaving you only the option of Logoff, XenApp and VPN.

Follow these steps.

Edit the /var/ns_gui/vpns/choices.html file

Find this line: function ns_fillchoices()

Delete the following text (make sure to back up the file beforehand)

if(errcookie.indexOf(“cvpn”)!=-1) {
if (++choicescount == 3){ document.writeln(‘</tr><tr>’);}
‘<td class=”VPNcell” valign=”top” style=”height:180px !important;”><span style=”display:none”><img src=”/vpns/images/ClientlessHover_icon.png”/></span>’ +
‘<a class=”ClientlessLink” href=”/cgi/setclient?cvpn” onclick=”ns_cleancookie();”>’ +
‘<span class=”linkH4″>’ + _(‘Clientless Access’) + ‘</span>’ +
‘<span class=”linkP”>’ + _(‘Connect without the Access Gateway Plug-in.’) + ‘</span></a>’ +

That’s it, you should no longer have the option for clientless access.


I hope this helps some of you out.


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