New MyCUGC Citrix Community Special Interest Group – Networking

New MyCUGC Citrix Community Special Interest Group – Networking

New MyCUGC Citrix Community Special Interest Group – Networking

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I was approached a little while ago to assist in leading a new Special Interest Group on the MyCUGC Citrix Community website (  I have to say I was pretty honoured to be asked to help with this and am really looking forward to getting stuck into helping people find and learn the NetScaler product more effectively.

The guys and girls I am currently working with on this are:

Marius Sandbu –

Jason Samuel –

Laure Cetin – @LaureCetin

Michael Leonard – @MichaelCLeonard

This list is due to grow as we get more and more members to the group.

After a number of weeks having late night meetings and planning what the SIG will need to be used for and by whom its finally LIVE!

MyCUGC Networking SIG

Why would you want to join?  Well, this is the page header as displayed on MyCUGC

Click Here to go to the Networking SIG Direct

“Our Purpose

To provide a place where the community can share and understand the use of network technology. Covering topics such as Software-defined networking, Application delivery controllers and next-generation security. The focus will primarily be, but not exclusively, the Citrix networking stack, including Citrix NetScaler.

We also intend to bridge the communication gap between Citrix and the IT-pros with a specific focus on networking. This will be done through webinars, discussion forums, special content and deployment guides. Webinars will feature Citrix News sessions as well as community based sessions addressing different use cases and presenting real world networking scenarios.”

The idea behind the SIG is to offer a place to go to really get the information you need about networking especially using the Citrix Technology Stack.  We will be hosting webinars, providing exclusive content to the SIG and running a forum with direct channels of communication with the NetScaler teams at Citrix.

If your not a member head on over to and join up, if you are then be sure to join the SIG.

Hope to see you over on the SIG





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