Nutanix CE gets some love !

Nutanix CE gets some love !

Nutanix CE gets some love !

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Nutanix is a great platform for EUC workloads, there is no arguing that, what about in the lab though? No full SSD servers, no 3 node clusters. Well Nutanix in this area really do have your back, they offer a Community Edition of their AHV platform and this week it got some much needed love, and an upgrade!

First, if you want to get hold of this – and yes – its free – then follow this link for all the information

Currently at home I run a SuperMicro E200-D server for my home lab, this has plenty of storage and enough memory to be able to run and test most of the workloads I need and has been running Nutanix CE for some time now.

This post will walk you through how to upgrade an existing CE installation to the latest and greatest that Nutanix is offering.

AOS Upgrade

First thing we will do is get AOS upgraded. Log into the Prism Element console, click the gear icon in the top right and click on upgrade software.

Select the AOS tab, then select the upload binary option (There is no 1 click upgrade for Nutanix CE). Upload the Metadata file and the Image file that you have downloaded from the CE site

Let this upload to the server. Please note that this may take some time but be patient – it will be worth it in the end!

You will probably get logged out of Prism Element (unless you have some super fast network at home which I don’t) so log back into the UI. You may see this screen

Don’t worry, just click on the Upgrade to latest Acropolis link

That will start the upgrade. First the software will run through some pre-upgrade checks

Then it will start the actual upgrade process

Now, this may take a while so there is no better time to just kick back and play a game. See that little “Nothing to do” link. Well go ahead and click it. The guys and gals at Nutanix have been good enough to include a game u can play whilst the upgrade is happening – how cool is that!!

Once the upgrade has completed and usually when you get to 98% the host will reboot itself. Don’t worry – this is normal and you may see this message at the top of your browser

Just be patient and wait – the host will reboot and eventually you will get prompted to log in again

Log back into your system and you will see the shiny new interface for Prism Element.

If you don’t believe me just click on settings and see how much that has changed!

If you click on the Upgrade Software option you will see that Acropolis has been successfully upgraded

NCC Upgrade

So, while we are here we might as well get NCC and Foundation up to the latest version. NCC is cool as it will check everything is ship shape in your cluster and Foundation – well its also cool as it will pretty much do all the build work for you. Not so relevant here but while we are upgrading things – we might as well do all of it.

Click on Upgrade Software again and this time select the NCC tab. This will display a list of NCC versions available to upgrade to, select the latest version and click download.

This will download the software for you – again – at this point if you are waiting – just play 2048!

Once downloaded click on the Upgrade button that will appear.

Let that upgrade run through

Once that is finished you will see the success option displayed right here in your UI.

Foundation Upgrade

Next lets take care of foundation. I know strictly not relevant in a lab environment – but who wants to leave this out when you can give it some love.

Click on the Foundation tab of the Upgrade Software option and download the latest version to your server

Wait for that to finish then click on the Upgrade option that will be displayed

The same as AOS this will run through some pre-upgrade checks

Then it will start the upgrade for you and once complete – show you the Success dialog.

Prism Central Upgrade

So, the final piece of the puzzle is Prism Central. This is key to my lab as it allows me to run Calm and automate lots of the workloads I run in the lab for a zero touch deployment and management of the service.

From the Prism Element UI click on the Prism Central Option

Log in, click on the gear and click to upgrade Prism Central (Note the Settings UI is still the old version)

Then upload the Prism Central Upgrade Metadata and Image File to the Server

If – like me – you have a slow network – time to sit back – grab a beer and play some more 2048!

Side Note: While the software is uploading for Prism Central (and yes – I am actually writing this whilst performing an upgrade! You may as well spend the time clearing out the errors from Prism Element and getting that “Good” status back. Please ignore the Critical Error – it annoys me as well but I only have 1 node so the whole Data Resiliency error is just gonna have to wait until I get some more money for another node!

So, now the software is up you will probably have been timed out of the Prism Central UI – so log back in.

Once the download has finished click on the upgrade now option available

This will start the Prism Central upgrade, just sit back and wait for this to complete

As with the Prism Element upgrade you may get this error at around 85% – just ignore it as the Prism Central Virtual Machine will be restarting

If you switch back to Prism Element you will see the Prism Central Connection Error logged.

Once the upgrade is complete you will see Prism Central connected back to Element

You can then log in, clear the errors and enjoy your new upgraded system.

Hope this helps some of you out if you need to upgrade your lab.



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