Nutanix Move – Simple, Elegant and Extremely Powerful

Nutanix Move – Simple, Elegant and Extremely Powerful

Nutanix Move – Simple, Elegant and Extremely Powerful

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This will also be a quick post, but not because there is not much to say about this product but rather that it is so simple to set up and use. I started to look at Nutanix Move due to a requirement to shift a lab from ESXi to AHV for some testing. I thought I would give Move a go and was pleasantly surprise at not only the ease of setup, but also the ease of use.

This post will walk you through downloading and setting up Move all the way to migrating your first workloads. This will focus on migrating machines from ESXi to AHV although Move supports a whole host of other options.

First thing you need to do is set up Nutanix Move on your AHV platform ready to pull in your ESXi workloads. Head over to and log in. Then jump into the support portal, select downloads and click on Nutanix Move

When you have the options available go ahead and download the Nutanix Move qcow file to your device.

Once you have this you will need to upload it to your Prism Element Cluster or Prism Central Image library.

The next part is simple, create a Virtual Machine with 2 vCPU’s (2 Cores per vCPU) and 4 GB of RAM. Clone the disk image you just uploaded.

Then add a network interface on a VLAN that can see BOTH your ESXi platform as well as your AHV platform.

Finally, power it up. Assuming you have some kind of DHCP running on the VLAN you chose you will see the Virtual Machine booted and with a valid IP Address.

Go ahead and connect to that IP Address from any browser. The first time you connect it will prompt you to set the admin password for Move, then you can login.

The first time you log in you will need to add your environments. First you should add the ESXi environment you wish to migrate from and then add your AHV environment you want to migrate to.

Click on the Add Environment option to add them both

When you click on Add Environment you will be prompted for the type of hypervisor you wish to add. Select the relevant option for you. I’m my case, ESXi and AHV.

First ESXi, and fill out the details

Then AHV, again fill out the details

Once done you should see both your environments listed on the left, we are good to start to build out a migration plan.

To build a new migration plan click on (guess what) “New Migration Plan” 🙂

Give the migration plan a name.

Then select a Source, Target and a Storage Container you wish to migrate the Virtual Machine to.

Click Next then select the Virtual Machines you want to migrate.

Click Next again and line up the source and target networks you want to move the Virtual Machine from and to.

You can test the network here if you want, or just “know” it will work. At this point Move will check that the target resource has the capacity to deal with the migration..

Next you will get options around the migration such as preserving MAC Addresses or manually preparing the source Virtual Machine. I left these as default and clicked “Start”

You can monitor the progress in the Move console whilst the migration is happening and when prompted click on “Cutover Now”

NOTE: Move will do an initial copy and then periodically update the target image with new data. This means you can do the initial migration but only cutover the image once you are ready, pretty useful if you need to do this out of hours.

When you click on Cutover Move will power down the source Virtual Machine, Snap it and disconnect the Network Interface, then it will power up the target and bring everything up for you, its really that simple!

Nutanix Move will take care of installing all the relevant drivers onto the Virtual Machine as part of the migration and will also seamlessly migrate the workload. It’s really as simple as selecting a source VM, target cluster and clicking Go.

I cannot stress enough how impressed I was with how simple and easy this was to get up and running and move workloads around. I moved an entire environment from ESXi to AHV before lunch with little or no impact at all. Hats off to the Nutanix Move product team for this.

What about moving Virtual Machines Long Distance?

I was speaking to a friend of mine, Trond from XenApp Blog and he wanted to do some testing between his and Crod‘s Lab in Canada. So he used Nutanix Move to shift a workload from Canada to Brazil over his UniFi Site to Site VPN. These are the results.

All done, 50 minutes (52 to be precise) to move a Virtual Machine from one hypervisor to a different one in a different continent…..that’s impressive!

So that’s it, quick post on how to set up and use Nutanix Move, if you have a migration to do and have the chance to use this product, I would, you wont regret it.

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