Nutanix Tools

Nutanix Tools

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Many of you may know that I am a big fan of Nutanix and what they offer in the HCI space. One of the things I like about them is that they offer full access to their API and with that you can develop some pretty cool tools.

I was asked to provide the stats for all the nodes we have running here. This is a pretty easy task to do in either Prism Central or Prism Element but where is the fun in that!

With that in mind I decided to write a little app to do it for me.

Now in my case this is a bit of an overkill as we are only running a single cluster with 15 hosts in there but if you have a lot of clusters and loads of nodes then this could be an easy way to get a quick snapshot of the hardware you have in your estate.

So, how do I get it and use it?

Head over to the tools section and download the NutanixTools ZIP file. Extract both the exe file and the dll to a machine with access to your Prism Central appliance.

Open up a command prompt and navigate to that directory. Then run the following command:

nutanixtools.exe -hostinfo

This will ask you for 3 bits of information

  • Prism Central IP Address
  • Prism Central Username
  • Prism Central Password

That’s it – press enter and it will connect to Prism Central, grab the host information for all your clusters and display the name, model, CPU and Memory installed in each.

This is just a start to this. As I need more and more I will add more switches to the exe and allow for more info to be dragged out of Prism.

Have fun!


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