Nutanix Cloud Platform CLI

Nutanix Cloud Platform CLI

Nutanix has a great bunch of v4 Api’s being released with every update of Prism Central. This module will allow you to manage and update all of your Prism Central registered clusters from PowerShell

PowerShell module to automate the management of Nutanix Cloud Platform using the version 4 api’s. Details of the currently implemented commands are shown in the help files listed below.

Nutanix.NcpCli.CoreCore Functions applicable to all other functions.
Nutanix.NcpCli.PrismPrism Functions.
Nutanix.NcpCli.LCMLift Cycle Management Functions.

The reason behind creating this module is to enable fellow Nutanix fans to easily manage their environment using PowerShell as the v4 api continues to grow.

Implemented Supported Versions

In order to use this module you will have to have the following prerequisites in place.

ModulePrism Central VersionAOS Version
Nutanix.NcpCli.Coreps2022.6 or later6.5 or later
Nutanix.NcpCli.Prismps2022.6 or later6.5 or later
Nutanix.NcpCli.LCMps2022.6 or later6.5 or later

Installing the Module

PowerShell Support

Nutanix.NcpCli supports Windows PowerShell 5.1 and above.

The Nutanix.NcpCli module is published in the PowerShell Gallery

You can install the module by entering the below commands in an elevated PowerShell session:

Install-Module -Name Nutanix.NcpCli
Import-Module -Name Nutanix.NcpCli

Updating the Module

If you have installed a previous version of the module from the gallery, you can install the latest update with Update-Module and the -Force parameter:

Update-Module -Name Nutanix.NcpCli -Force

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