Citrix NetScaler - Always Up Service

Citrix NetScaler - Always Up Service

This script will configure an Always Up Service on your NetScaler. This can be used to bind to Virtual Servers on Port 80 with a Redirect to ensure all traffic passes to port 443. Please note that this will alter the configuration on your Citrix NetScaler and should be tested before implementing into your production environment.

Script Description

This script will create an Always Up service on your Citrix NetScaler for use when binding to a port 80 vServer that you wish to redirect to port 443.

Script Deployment

To implement the following script copy the below commands into your NetScaler CLI.

Script Contents

add server always_up

# Add Services
add service svc_always_up always_up HTTP 80 -gslb NONE -maxClient 0 -maxReq 0 -cip DISABLED -usip NO -useproxyport YES -sp OFF -cltTimeout 180 -svrTimeout 360 -CKA NO -TCPB NO -CMP NO

# Add Responder Policies
add responder action res_act_http_to_https redirect "\"https://\" + HTTP.REQ.HOSTNAME.HTTP_URL_SAFE + HTTP.REQ.URL.PATH_AND_QUERY.HTTP_URL_SAFE" -responseStatusCode 302
add responder policy res_pol_http_to_https HTTP.REQ.IS_VALID res_act_http_to_https

# Add Always Up Monitor
add lb monitor mon_always_up PING -LRTM DISABLED -destIP

# Bind Always Up Monitor to Service
bind service svc_always_up -monitorName mon_always_up

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