VMware vCloud Director 5.1.1 Bug – Static IP Pool

VMware vCloud Director 5.1.1 Bug – Static IP Pool

VMware vCloud Director 5.1.1 Bug – Static IP Pool

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VMware vCloud Director and vCac

VMware vCloud Director and vCac

There is a problem with VMware vCloud Director 5.1.1 in that you cannot use static IP pools when delivering to a cloud from vCac.  No matter what you try the delivered vApp will always use DHCP as its ip addressing method.  This can be frustrating if (like me) you want to use the vCloud Director as the IP Address manager.

I spent some time trawling about trying to find a fix for it and in the end it turned out being a bug with the software.  When I initially found this out I thought that I would have to re-create all my templates for the cloud and was not too happy.  Luckily VMware provided me with a method for fixing my existing templates so that they will work on a Static IP Addressing method.

If you follow the steps below it should sort out your problem.  Please note that I DO NOT recommend doing this unless you have a good backup of your cloud infrastructure and you are able to roll back the changes.

Step 1 – Upgrade your VMware vCloud Director Cells

You will need to upgrade your vCloud Cells to version 5.1.2 to continue with this fix.  In order to do this you will need to download the bin file from your VMware portal.  Copy it to the vCloud Director appliance (Yes, this article is assuming you use an appliance) and execute the bin file.  Once this has started follow the on-screen instructions and let the upgrade complete.

Step 2 – Deploy your existing vApp to the cloud

Deploy your old template to your VMware cloud.  DONT start the vApp – there is no requirement for this to get this to work.

Step 3 – Edit the networking on the vApp to use Static IP Addressing

  • Drill down into the new deployed vApp in your cloud
  • Right click on the VM and select properties
  • Select the “Hardware” tab
  • At the bottom you will see all the NIC’s assigned to the VM – make sure they are ALL set to Static IP Pool (assuming this is the method you are after)

Step 4 – Add the vApp back to the Catalog

Once the above edits are made you can right click on the vApp and add it back to the catalog for the Org.

This will give you a vApp template that can be deployed via vCac and will retain the Static IP Pool method for deploying IP Addresses.

If you require adding the machine to the domain whilst using this addressing method you will need to read my post on that as the traditional VMware method will not work.  The blog entry can be found here.

Hope this helps and as normal – please comment and share!



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